Hauk Fine Arts specializes in Contemporary and Early California artists, showcasing their work in an intimate setting in which the viewer can feel a unique closeness to the works. Gallery owner, Steve Hauk welcomes conversation about the artists over a cup of tea.

Hauk Fine Arts is proud to showcase some of the finest examples of California Contemporary Art....

Belle Yang
Michael Katakis
Joseph Yang
William Keland
Warren Chang
Caroline Kline
Joao de Brito

Hauk Fine Arts is proud to showcase some of the finest examples of Early California Art....

Armin Hansen
Maynard Dixon
William Ritschel
George Brandriff

Steve Hauk has produced; co-produced; and/or starred in a number of videos related to art and art history that are worthy of your viewing time.

Steve Hauk shares his expertise; his philosophy on collecting art; and the unique stories behind the art itself in this series of random notes.

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Hauk Fine Arts specializes in early and contemporary art, with a focus on Northern California and, especially, the Monterey Peninsula. The gallery is also interested in the strong connection of literary and scientific figures to the painters of their time.
Pt Lobos

Mission Statement

A vibrant artistic community does
not function in a vacuum – its artists generally engage with the community and other artists, writers, poets, photographers and scientists.

Hauk Fine Arts serves as a forum
for the Monterey Peninsula’s vibrant artistic community.

“A charming, multi-level gallery.”

“Each painting tells a story and the stories are fascinating.”